About Us

Founded in 2016 by Mr Twisk, a famous shoe designer who wishes to remain anonymous but was formerly regarded as the 'shoemaker to the stars'. Twisk shoes combine British design with Italian craftsmanship to produce a collection of shoes and boots that are unconventional, distinctive and beautiful. Twisk is an innovative and unconventional shoe brand for people who look at life a little differently. Twisk shoes are made for confident men who love to express themselves through style. Our footwear is daring, different and not afraid to stand out, and the men who wear Twisk share these characteristics.

“At Twisk we believe that shoes should never be average, design should always inspire, materials should speak volumes, and that only shoes should be put in boxes, not people. Designed by a British shoe designer and handmade by Italian master craftsmen, our shoes are brilliantly unconventional and beautifully unique – just like the men who wear them.”

Twisk is the most exciting and unconventional maker of luxury men’s shoes; the new name in British fashion. The styles are non-conformist and aimed at the modern gentleman. Our focus is purely on the quality, comfort and durability of our shoes.